About Sonic Atelier

Sonic Atelier was born out of a desire to provide audio and sonic platforms, training and experiences for our local community (especially youth/female/non-binary/trans and other under-represented people), in and around  our glorious seaside location of Hastings, UK. We also work remotely and in the SE and beyond for larger projects.

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Advanced Podcasting Workshop

Date to be confirmed
10:00 - 14:00

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This workshop is designed for those who have started their podcast journey, have probably recorded material for their first episodes and may have even launched their podcast. Particularly aimed at ‘graduates’ of the beginners podcasting workshops, but also open to those who have worked through the initial stages of their project.

Please note numbers are limited for this workshop.

A formed project plan and identity.
A draft production schedule.
Recorded material for at least one episode (or part of).
A laptop and any recording devices that you are using and headphones.

Downloaded free trial version of Ableton onto your laptop.

This workshop is less of a lecture and more 1 to 1, hands on practical with discussion and consultation. Some of the magic of these sessions is exciting and unpredictable as we share knowledge and ideas in addition to learning new skills.

1. Tea/coffee, introductions and your project progress/status
2. Feedback on progress.
3. Review of publishing and marketing processes.
4. In depth DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) - Basics of Ableton for editing your podcast.
Lunch break (bring your own)
5. Equalising and editing a clip together.
6. Effects.
7. Troubleshooting.
8. Project specific consultations.

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1 to 1 and group tutoring

podcast recording and production

other podcast related services (editing, theme music/jingles and sound design)

Projects/Partners and Affiliations

Framework Radio
The Mother Lode Project